SiliconHouse.Net – Payment Gateway

Payment Gateways are online credit card validation and processing system that allows vendors to sell their products and services online. Silicon House has helped hundreds of businesses to accept payments online. Silicon House is the only organization in India to offer payment gateways with the lowest transaction rate [ Rate charged per transaction made online ]. Our aim is to provide Payment Gateways at the lowest possible cost so that Small and Medium Businesses can harness the full potential of Internet.

Why go for a Payment Gateway ?

Payment Gateways are very handy in completing a sale online. For instance, there are many items such as gifts, electronic gadgets, software etc which are purchased online. The whole activity of online sales ends with payment processing using Payment Gateways. Payment Gateway also indirectly serve as means of Validity of a company, Makes impulsive buying possible, Allows clients to use their card and use their credit period.

Acquiring the payment is the most significant process in a e-business. Without this an enquiry is not converted into an order. Typically a Payment Gateway involves Customer, Vendor, Issuing Bank and Acquiring Bank and the Card Service Provider. Above all, it shortens the duration for making payment for a client as well as realization of payment by the vendor.

Our Expertise in hosting can make your payment gateway up and running within few minutes from approval. That’s why payment gateway implementation with Silicon House takes 75% lesser time than what others promise. What are your waiting for ? Sign up for our payment gateway services and start accepting major credit cards for your website.

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