SiliconHouse.Net – Highly Scalable and Robust JAVA Cloud Servers

 Silicon House fully managed java cloud serversSilicon House Java Cloud Servers come with Tomcat Server and cPanel pre-installed. You can run JSP/Servlets with MYSQL backend. You can deploy .war files, run struts/beans which are not available in shared environments. With root access you can install any third party component or implement advanced features such as LDAP.

Who should use Silicon House Java Cloud Servers?

  1. If your application requires .war files to be deployed or If you require complete control over Tomcat using a Tomcat Manager.
  2. You need advanced features such as struts/beans for deploying your application.
  3. If you require java application to talk to remote servers or applications.
  4. If are developing a web application in JSP/Servlets/MYSQL and require a dedicated environment to test and deploy custom modules which are not a part of standard shared hosting.
  5. If you wish to run web services or SOAP API for others to connect to you in a particular port.
GENERAL FEATURESAccess Level & Privileges: All Java Cloud Servers come with Tomcat pre-installed. Apart from full root access to the cloud server, you also tomcat manager access to deploy .war files, can deploy struts, beans etc. This means you will be able to install and tweak your server settings according to your requirements. You can also use advanced application security deployment using LDAP.Instant Scalability: All cloud servers can be scaled to the next higher or lower cloud instance instantly within few min. This means if you expect a sudden spike in users or application usage, you can upgrade your cloud server resources immediately.

Pre-installed Software: JSP/Servlet support, PHP/MYSQL along with components such as Image Magick, Ruby on Rails, SOAP, Zip archive, ffmpeg, postgres, Atmail web interface etc.

Pre-hardened: All Java Cloud Servers come with Arrow Shield, the state of the art intrusion detection and security shield. It optimizes vital services and sets your cloud instance in highest alert level.

Payment Gateway Environments: ICICI and HDFC payment gateway environment is preset in all cloud servers.

SH-Apps : You can integrate your cloud server to range of Silicon House Apps such as SMS Gateways, XMAIL Trac™ 2011, Arrow cloud mail server suite, Super Reseller Suite etc. instantly. Please check our Apps page for more details and pricing info.

Technology: Silicon House Cloud Servers are developed over Citrix Xen Server and are based on a minimum of 2.0 GHz processor. These clouds servers can be user for running ERP, large portals, rich media contents etc. Learn more about the technology behind our cloud servers.

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